The East Feliciana Parish School Board directs that students shall not be allowed to ride to and from school on any bus other than the one to which they have been assigned to ride, except for legitimate reasons.  To ride a different bus, or to leave the bus at a different location than the student's regular stop, the student shall be required to submit written permission from the student's parent and have approval of the principal of the school where the student attends.  The principal shall inform the bus driver of the student's destination and stop.


No person other than assigned students and authorized persons approved by the Transportation Supervisor or other authorized school official are allowed to board the bus.  With the exception of school personnel and chaperons, adults shall not be permitted to ride buses to any authorized school activity, such as athletic events, band concerts, etc.


Re-Adopted:  October 5, 1999



Ref:   La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 11-5-74, 12-3-74, 4-11-84, 11-5-85, 10-5-99


East Feliciana Parish School Board