It is the policy of the East Feliciana Parish School Board to provide to its employees the opportunity to voluntarily participate in a group health benefits insurance program.  An Employee Insurance Committee appointed by the Board shall periodically review various group health and hospitalization benefits programs that are available for appropriateness of coverages and present its recommendations to the Board for review and consideration.



The East Feliciana Parish School Board mandates that all employees, former employees, and retirees who are eligible and participate in the group health and hospital benefits insurance program shall be required to submit their premiums to the Central Office Insurance Clerk by the 25th day of each month to ensure prompt payment of the upcoming month's insurance premium dues.  Failure to submit the necessary premiums by the 30th day of each month shall result in health coverage for the employee being dropped for the upcoming month.  Notification shall be sent to the delinquent participant and insurer of each delinquency and non-payment of premium.


Re-Adopted:  October 5, 1999



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:1221, 17:1222, 17:1223, 42:821, 42:851

Board minutes, 4-2-93, 10-5-99


East Feliciana Parish School Board